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Yes that's correct

Get FREE SHIPPING for cuttings !


Check out the 2 discounted free shipping offers below for full details, items and or destinations that may qualify.....

1) Orders of $100.00 or more within the lower 48 U.S. states can receive FREE SHIPPING for cuttings of....

Epiphyllum (cuttings only)

Selenicereus (cuttings only)

Rhipsalis (cuttings only)


Aporophyllum (cuttings only)

(Can be any combination of cuttings listed above
with no limit in quantity if order is over $100.00 in value.)

Please note; To take full advantage of this free shipping offer above, only orders over $100.00 in total USD value going to destinations within the continental lower 48 United States qualify for this special offer.

† This free shipping offer is only for cuttings of the plant genera or types listed above and excludes all plants, supplies, Dragon Fruit cuttings-if under $200 value see below, special offers located in the specials section, Echinopsis and Chamaecereus plants, offsets or cactus pups, books and all other items not specifically listed above due to there excessive weight or sizes are excluded.

† If your order happens to be a combination of over $100.00 in cuttings of the plant types listed above and you would like to add some other items that do not qualify for free shipping that's fine too, but please remember to add the appropriate shipping amounts from the shipping rates schedules for any items that do not qualify.

2) Orders of $200.00 or more shipped to destinations within the lower 48 U.S. states can also receive FREE SHIPPING for all the cutting types listed above including cuttings of Dragon Fruit.

Please note: Same qualifications as offer #1 above only to destinations in the lower 48 U.S. states, but Dragon Fruit cuttings can only be included if the total order value exceeds $200.00 in cuttings, can also be combined with any other type cuttings that are listed above.

Dragon Fruit (cuttings only)
(Dragon Fruit cuttings can only be combined if total order value is $200.00 or more)

Place a minimum $100 order of cuttings today and get...
FREE SHIPPING on cuttings for orders $100 or more in value!

Take full advantage of the FREE SHIPPING discounts offered today! Every web page has the catalog listed on the left margin, but here are a few quick links below to assist you in finding catalog pages that have cuttings that qualify.

Epiphyllum Cuttings A thru Z

Aporophyllum Cuttings A thru Z

Dragon Fruit Cuttings A thru Z these qualify for orders if over $200 in value

New Hybrids Catalog Epiphyllum cuttings in this section also qualify!

And here are several more links

To other items, varieties, rooted plants, supplies, books etc. that do not qualify for the free shipping discounts described above, but you may want to add these to your order for an overall lower shipping charge if all are combined into one order.

Epiphyllum small rooted plants A thru Z, one gallons, large mature blooming plants, Seed pods when in season, Specials various varieties, Dragon Fruit-rooted plants A thru Z, Schlumbergera-Christmas Cactus cuttings A thru Z, Rhipsalidopsis-Easter Cactus cuttings A thru Z, Rooted plants A thru Z, Chamaecereus plants, Echinopsis plants A thru Z, Trichocereus plants A thru Z, Species A thru Z, Epidendrums, Other plants, Pots & wire hangers, Soil mixes and fertilizers, Labels and tagging, Markers & pens, Cactus & Succulent tools, Misc supplies-heat packs/ garden tape/ animal deterrents etc., Books, Promotional items

Still cannot find the variety your looking for? Try our search engine
With so many varieties that we grow and with even more being added every week some varieties can be hard to find on the website so here is an easy to use search engine by JRank for your convenience to find the varieties your looking for on the website.

(Hint; search using the plant genera name first for best results as all plants are listed by genera name first then by there hybrid name or sub-species name listed 2nd.)

Example; ( Epiphyllum Acapulco Sunset ).

Search the entire Mattslandscape website now

( A new browser window will open immediately to USPS.COM, where you will need to input the tracking number that was previously e-mailed to you in order to receive tracking results.)

When do we ship and how long until my package arrives?

We process orders first come first served and ship at least twice weekly during the peak-season usually Mondays and Wednesdays and more often if need be. We ship once a week in winter months or off-season, usually Mondays or Tuesdays. Sometimes we can get backlogged with orders especially during peak season March thru September, and if itís a longer delay than usual we always send free extras due to any delay.

How long are packages in transit once i receive e-mail notification it was shipped?

Most Priority mail packages take 2 to 3 days western states, 3 to 5 mid, eastern, Alaska & Hawaiian states in transit from our location to yours within the U.S., and 5 to 10 days by International priority mail for most destinations outside the U.S., a few international locations can take up to 15 days depending on the 3rd party shipping company used in that country. The cuttings hold a long time 30+ days if need be, so no worries if delayed.

Damaged or Delayed Packages

The cuttings we send are cut on the day of or no more than 1 day prior shipping, so there cut fresh and dated when harvested, freshly cut cuttings can hold for 30 days or more if need be and still arrive in great shape and be viable. If any cuttings are received in poor shape due to misplaced, damaged or excess delayed packages just let us know and we will replace them for you if the same varieties are currently available, or if not we can send substitutions. Damaged packages are not our fault or yours but occasionally do happen by fault of the shipping provider. We will replace the items for damaged packages but not the shipping cost, but should you have a susequent order then we will pay the added postage for replacements added into the 2nd shipment within the U.S. For international packages we are not responsible for lost packages or shipping charges, but if a 2nd order is made we will try to replace all the lost cuttings sending in the second shipment free of charge if currently available or send substitutes if out of stock, due to small international box sizes a second shipping charge maybe required to fit them all.

Need a heat pack?

If your climate is below freezing temps, we can provide a heat pack, but you need to let us know in the notes section of an order. Heat packs are also free for any order over $50.00 USD, otherwise thereís a $2.50 USD cost for the heat pack. You can purchase one or more if needed in the supplies section then we will not need a note if order is under $50.00 USD.

Foreign Orders Outside U.S.A.

We currently only ship cuttings no plants with roots outside the U.S.A. Some countries we are unfortunately unable to ship too, mainly due to restrictions. Some third world countries packages can be lost due to theft and we will not ship to them. If not sure about your country, just e-mail us.

For more info. on our shipping policies and rates click the link below to visit the ordering page

"How To Order Page"

Contact/ Email Mattslandscape If any questions about free shipping discounts, about your order or if you just need help growing any of the varieties, please contact by submitting the contact form below.
Please provide the info. below:

Your full name:

General location; US state or country:

Your return email or phone #:

Message topic:

Your message:

Email us anytime 24/7 from anywhere around the world, We usually respond right away or within 24 hours or less during the week and most weekends.On major U.S. holidays we may not respond immediately, but still would like to hear from you so on holidays a 48 hour response may be likely. We return every e-mail as every one is very important to us.

Is the variety you're looking for out of stock? Sorry we are out of stock we work very hard to have all the varieties in stock all the time, but with so many we currently grow and new varieties regularly being added its very difficult to have them all in stock all the time. Try our new Plant or cuttings Reservation system to reserve the varieties you have been looking for. We will e-mail you once they becomes available again.

Click here to visit the 'Plant Reservation System'

Like an easy way to stay connected to Epicacti websites? Although the website already hosts S.B.E.S. one of four U.S.A. based Epiphyllum societies on this website server you can easily stay connected to all four US based Epiphyllum Societies; S.B.E.S. S.D.E.S., E.S.A. and S.F.E.S. along with European based Epiphyllum societies such as EPIG a German Epiphyllum society + more websites such as Epicacti Forums and Epiforums, Epitv-(videos on YouTube), several bloom picture sharing groups of-Epiphyllum, Schlumbergera, Dragon Fruit, Aporophyllum and Echinopsis bloom groups on Flickr, photo galleries of Epiphyllum blooms including Grey/Davis and the Joyce Carr galleries also get our latest tweets, your local weather, even pick your own radio stations or other add on gadgets such as local news and Tv, have access to a robust Epiphyte cactus optimized search engine, quik links to other epiphyte cacti groups on Yahoo Groups and more in a small and easy to use browser toolbar. The virus free download link is below and the best part is it's absolutely free! Works on all major web browser platforms including; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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Simply click the picture link below to get started

Another one of the many bloom slide-show galleries on the Mattslandscape website
( This one is showing a small chronological sampling of whats in bloom weekly at the nursery )

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