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Ordering Help and Policies

We are not accepting mail in orders at this time while we develop multiple "BUY NOW" websites listed below, you can still email or phone in an order thru the walk in nursery website Epicacti Nursery We are working hard to fully stock the websites listed below, please be patient its a time consuming task but call if you want to check availability or to place an order (949) 355-6137 Thank you !

Currently on this website there are over 3,000 varieties, but we grow 20,000+ varieties now of Cactus and Succulents in many Genera. YOU CANNOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE, WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING SEVERAL WEBSITES WERE YOU CAN BUY BY BUTTON THE EXACT PLANT YOU WILL RECEIVE AND WHAT WE CURRENTLY HAVE IN STOCK AND PERFECT CONDITION MANY SPECIMEN SIZE OR MATURE FLOWERING SIZE. This site is still a reference and library primarily for worldwide non-U.S. customers.

For U.S. customers We are working as fast as we can to develop multiple genera specific or grouped websites for you, all are U.S. customers only-rooted small to specimen sized plants, some are listed below with current progress. To place a phone or email order please contact us thru our walk in nursery site below.

Epicacti Nursery

For specimen and rare hard to Find Echinopsis and Trichocereus please visit our new site for actual plants pictured you will receive. This site currently has several hundred choices and growing.....

This website below is still under beginning stages of development fruiting cactus mainly Dragon Fruit specimen sized plants.

This website below is multiple generas of columnar cactus along such as Pachycereus, Pilosocereus, Carnegia etc. with a few columnar succulents such as Euphorbias. A few up to "Buy Now" but still loading this site so grows each day....

This site below besides information not anything to "Buy Now" yet but we are working on it to bring you blooming sized Hildewintera hybrids and related species...

More websites coming soon for Epiphyllum and related jungle cacti, Agaves, Aloes and Aeoniums and place an order please call us or email thru our walk in website Epicacti Nursery

By separating into multi-websites genera or related we are able to offer you the best plants we currently have available as we can only work a few areas at a time, many are rare and limited and almost all are well rooted or specimen blooming sized.

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