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South Bay Epiphyllum Society Information page

South Bay Epiphyllum Society

Epiphyllum Love Potion number nine blooming iconEpiphyllum Petal Pusher blooming iconEpiphyllum Marmalade n honey blooming iconRED SKELTON epiphyllum icon Founded in 1986 with 150 Members ruth wallace epiphyllumEpiphyllum Tomatsu Kida small iconEpiphyllum Aztec Treasure blooming iconEpiphyllum Curt Paetz blooming icon

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Where Are The Meetings Held?

South bay epiphyllum meeting place scbg sign seen from crenshaw blvd   sbes meeting room at scbg
  ( Left; The SCBG sign as seen from Crenshaw Blvd.)     ( Right; Entrance to S.B.E.S. meeting room.)           

South Coast Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw Blvd, Palos Verdes Peninsula CA, 90275.
( See Google map below for driving directions)


2nd Tuesday of each month, 7:30 PM, except January.
Click on any event or meeting in the calender below for more details and aprox. duration times.

Upcoming Special Events

The South Coast Cactus and Succulent Show & Sale-At the South Coast Botanic Gardens, Palos Verdes Peninsula-coming on April 13th & 14th 2013!

The South Coast Botanic Gardens Spring Plant Sale-At the South Coast Botanic Gardens in Palos Verdes Peninsula-coming on April 20th 2013!

"The S.B.E.S. Annual Show & Sale" coming on May 5th 2013!

(See video below of past seasons "S.B.E.S. Flower Shows")

EPICON XIV The 14th Epiphyllum Convention hosted by E.S.A. in May 2014

(See the SBES Calender above for all meetings, event dates and times
Click any event in the calender above for full event details)

Scenes of Past S.B.E.S. Special Events

2012 S.B.E.S. Flower show & sale, May 6th 2012

2012 S.B.E.S. Flower show & sale- VIDEO EXTRA still camera shots/video

2010 S.B.E.S. Annual Christmas Party and potluck

sbes christmas party 2010 1sbes christmas party 2010 2
South Bay Epiphyllum Society 2010 Christmas Partysbes christmas party 2010 3
SBES Annual Christmas party held on Dec.14th, 2010 at the South Coast Botanical Garden meeting place; The South Bay Epiphyllum Society provided the main dish of ham, beverages, utensils and each member also received a free Epi from SBES. Members also each brought a garden item or Epi plant as gift exchanges, good food, good fellowship, good conversation and even bingo games!

(Below is a slide show of S.B.E.S. events.)

Epicon XII May 2010 Hosted by S.B.E.S.

Epicon XII Silent epiphyllum auction Epicon XII Silent epiphyllum auction cuttings
(Above; Silent auction bidding for Epiphyllum cuttings and plants at the Epicon XII. Proceeds benefit the clubs.)

Epicon XII plants offered for sale
(Above; Epicon XII a few of the Epiphyllum plants offered for sale there.)

Epicon XII A Epiphyllum to be judged in the show
(Above; Epicon XII one of the many plants entered in the show awaiting judging.)

Epicon XII a bloom display made by society members
(Above; Epicon XII one of the many bloom displays made by society members.)

Epicon XII Epiphyllum notables worldwide thru time
(Above;A presentation at Epicon XII by Dr. Rudi Dorsh "A review of the Curt Knebel hybrids and new Epi hybrids from Helmut Paetzold of Germany" .)

Epicon XII a few of the Epiphyllum plants brought in by members  
(Above left to right; L- A few of the plants brought to Epicon XII by members. R-Some of the Epiphyllum blooms on display.)

Epicon XII several Epiphyllum hard to find book titles were offered
(Above; Epicon XII Many hard to find Epiphyllum books were also available.)

What is Epicon?

Info; The Epicon is held every 2 years and the Epiphyllum societies rotate hosting this event. The San Diego Epiphyllum Society hosted the first EPICON in 1988. Epicon is a day-long event with guest speakers, lots of blooms! A flower show and a time when Epi lovers can meet, discuss hybridization, compare hybrids and blooms, many trade cuttings and plants, Epiphyllum news & happenings. The Epicon has been held every other year since 1988 the three Southern California Epiphyllum Societies have taken turns hosting the EpiCons.

( Please note; The San Francisco Epiphyllum Society is not in the list below due to any exclusion instead the members of this club did not feel prepared enough to host this event, also the 3 Southern California clubs are fairly close to each other aprox. 45min. up to 2 hours drive apart so logistics may have also been a factor as the state of California is extremely long and driving distance is aprox. from 8 to 10 hours, but its always possible that the S.F.E.S. could be a host of an Epicon in the near future.)

PAST EPICONS; EpiCon VII was hosted by the South Bay Epiphyllum Society in May 2010. The prior EpiCon VI was hosted by ESA in May 2008. So as its a rotation the 2012 EpiCon XIII will be hosted by SDES.

Below is a complete list of all Epicons since inception by roman numerals/year and name of the Epiphyllum Society that hosted the event.

Epicon I 1988 hosted by SDES (The first Epicon #1)

Epicon II 1990 hosted by ESA #2

Epicon III 1992 hosted by SBES #3

Epicon IV 1994 hosted by SDES #4

Epicon V 1996 hosted by ESA #5

Epicon VI 1998 hosted by SBES #6

Epicon VII 2000 hosted by SDES #7

Epicon VIII 2002 hosted by ESA #8

Epicon IX 2004 hosted by SBES #9

Epicon X 2006 hosted by SDES #10

Epicon XI 2008 hosted by ESA #11

Epicon XII 2010 hosted by SBES #12

Epicon XIII 2012 hosted by SDES #13

Epicon XIV 2014 hosted by ESA #14 (Next Epicon event)

May 2010 S.B.E.S. Flower Show
SBES 2010 Epiphyllum flower show may 2010SBES 2010 Epiphyllum flower show may 2010 2
(Above; Epiphyllum flower show-judging displayed by flower class)

SBES 2010 Epiphyllum flower show plant may 2010 3
(Above; Epiphyllum plant judging May 2010 flower show.)

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Contact Info.

Affiliate Rep: Richard W. Kohlschreiber
1801 W 27th St., San Pedro, CA 90732-4601
Affiliate Rep:

President: Tony Yanko
25212 Cypress St., Lomita, CA 90717
President's email:

S.B.E.S. Newsletter:

'The Epi-Gram'
Epi gram newsletter example

Editor; Richard W. Kohlschreiber
San Pedro, CA 90732-4601 P-(310)-833-6823

Map To South Coast Botanical Gardens

View Larger Map
Click the map above to get driving directions to the S.B.E.S. meeting place.
Driving directions can then be printed from your browser once you enter your starting point

Membership Dues

U.S.A. & Canada $10.00 annual-Includes 'The Epi Gram'

Overseas $15.00 annual-Includes 'The Epi Gram'

USD $ funds only; Cash, Check or Money Order accepted or (international money order).
Please send a request for a Membership form to;

S.B.E.S. Officers and Directors 2010-2011

*President: Tony Yanko

*Editor and Membership secretary: Dick Kohlschreiber

*Treasurer: Don Burnett

*Director: Jeanne Young

*Director: Darrell Jenkins

*Director: Evelyn Shiraki

Open positions for 2011; one Directorship available

How Can I Volunteer at S.B.E.S. Events & Functions?
Volunteer for upcoming SBES events & functions!

Why not have some fun and enjoy the comaradarie of fellow Epi growers? Get involved and volunteer at upcoming SBES events or functions it only takes a little bit of your time, with a minumum of only an hour or two once a month. Contact the membership secretary to find out how you can get started with SBES today!

Like an easy way to stay connected to S.B.E.S. & other Epicacti websites? Although the website already hosts S.B.E.S. one of four U.S.A. based Epiphyllum societies on this website server you can easily stay connected to all four US based Epiphyllum Societies; S.B.E.S. S.D.E.S., E.S.A. and S.F.E.S. along with European based Epiphyllum societies such as EPIG a German Epiphyllum society + more websites such as Epicacti Forums and Epiforums, Epitv-(videos on YouTube), several bloom picture sharing groups of-Epiphyllum, Schlumbergera, Dragon Fruit, Aporophyllum and Echinopsis bloom groups on Flickr, photo galleries of Epiphyllum blooms including Grey/Davis and the Joyce Carr galleries also get our latest tweets, your local weather, even pick your own radio stations or other add on gadgets such as local news and Tv, have access to a robust Epiphyte cactus optimized search engine, quick links to other epiphyte cacti groups on Yahoo Groups and more in a small and easy to use browser toolbar. The virus free download link is below and the best part is it's absolutely free! An uninstaller is also included if you should ever decide to remove the toolbar, so give it a try! Works on all major web browser platforms too including; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Provided by
Simply click the Toolbar picture below to get started with your free download!

List of S.B.E.S. Hybridizers

Don Burnett

Rudolf Hessing

Darrell Jenkins

Darryl Miyamoto

Helmut Paetzold

Galen Pittman

Evelyn Shiraki

Epi Hybridizer Get Together
Epiphyllum hybridizer meeting may 2010
(Above pictured; The day after Epicon XII Sunday May 2010 at S.B.E.S. President Tony Yanko's home. Several Epiphyllum Hybridizers got together for a backyard barbecue curtesy of Tony before everyone had to head back home. Clockwise starting at bottom 6 O'Clock is Evelyn Shiraki-SBES director and Darryl Miyamoto, Keith and Pat Ballard-ESA, Dr. Rudi Dorsh from Texas, Tony Yanko-SBES President, Yvonne and Andrew Bruton from New Zealand, Rudolf Hessing from Germany, Don Burnett-SBES treasurer, Dr. Dick Kohlschreiber-SBES editor,membership and in charge of new ESA hybrid registrations.

SBES Member & Epi hybridizer Don Burnett's Webpage & photos
(Below is a slideshow of several hybrids created and varieties grown by Don Burnett)

S.B.E.S. Links

E.S.A.-Epiphyllum Society of America
Epiphyllum Society of America P.O. Box 1395 Monrovia, CA 91017-1395
Click this link below for a map/driving directions to the ESA meeting place.
The L.A. Arboretum, Ca. U.S.A.
E.S.A. Map

S.D.E.S.-San Diego Epiphyllum Society
Post Office Box #126127 San Diego, CA 92112-6127
Click this link below for a map/driving directions to the S.D.E.S. meeting place
San Diego's Balboa park, Ca. USA

S.F.E.S.-San Francisco Epiphyllum Society
For e-mail C/O Mike Davis -
Click this link below for a map/driving directions to the SFES meeting place.
The Strybing Arboretum, San Francisco, Ca., U.S.A.

Epi Cacti Forums
Learn, Share and make new Epi friends worldwide!
Fun free monthly random prize drawings!
Website; Epi Cacti Forums

Epicacti Nursery
Large selection of specimen sized plants
Visit the website for more info. including driving directions & dates/times the nursery is open.
Website; Epicacti Nursery

( Below for your viewing pleasure is a sampling of a few of the varieties in bloom weekly at the nursery )

Below is another photo slide show showing a few Schlumbergera varieties on the website

With so many varieties and more added every day heres an easy to use search box for your convienance to find varieties on the website.

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