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How To Root Epiphyllum Using Rooting Hormone

How To Root Epiphyllum Using Rooting Hormone

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Below will show you step by step with pictures how to apply Rooting Hormone to Epiphyllum Cuttings. What is rooting hormone? Is it toxic? Is it safe to use? Is rooting hormone nessary for all Epiphyllum cuttings? And other questions you may have wanted to know about Rooting Hormone.

rooting epiphyllum in rooting hormone 1
Above shows the things needed to Apply Rooting Hormone to Epiphyllum Cuttings-bowl of water, towel, rooting hormone and the cutting or cuttings.
rooting epiphyllum in rooting hormone 2
Above shows an Epiphyllum cutting being prepared with a V cut for more surface area that roots can emerge from. The Rooting Hormone is poured out onto a towel that way any not used can be put back into its container using the towel. Also most Epiphyllum cuttings are very wide, wider that the packaging you might buy the rooting hormone in. There are liquid forms of rooting hormone also but were using the powdered type.
rooting epiphyllum in rooting hormone 3
Above shows the Epiphyllum cutting being dipped into the bowl of water, about 1" of the cut end only.
rooting epiphyllum in rooting hormone 4
Above shows the Epiphyllum cutting dipped into the Rooting Hormone then put on the towel after dipping the Epiphyllum cutting in the bowl of water. Notice the Rooting Hormone sticks to the cut end. You only need it applied on the end, but it can be up to 1/2" up the stem or more, give or take an inch it wont make any difference. Just be sure to roll both sides of the Epiphyllum cutting end in the rooting hormone to be sure all of the cut end is covered in the hormone.
rooting epiphyllum in rooting hormone 5
Above shows what the Epiphyllum cutting should look like once the rooting hormone is applied to the Epiphyllum cutting cut end.
rooting epiphyllum in rooting hormone potting mix mattslandscape.comrooting epiphyllum in rooting hormone perlite
Above shows cuttings then placed in either soil mix or perlite.

What is Rooting Hormone?

Its an Acid simular as in car batteries but only around .05% to 1% is in most products. The name of the acid is Indole-3-Butyric Acid The rest 99% to 99.5% is inert its just talc powder.

Is it safe to use? Is it toxic?

Yes its safe to use, just dont swallow any in large amounts or you will get a stomach ache. For someone using it every day like a production nursery worker the dust particles could have long term effects, if used occasionally like to root Epiphyllum Cuttings its very safe. Just use common sence in its use and to store the Rooting Hormone. Always wash your hands after use or wear gloves. And Always keep all garden chemicals even fertilizers away from small children. Remember to always read all use labels.

Do i always need to use Rooting Hormone to root Epiphyllum cuttings?

No, in fact some Epiphyllum growers see little or no differeance with Rooting Hormone or without. Other Epiphyllum growers swear by it, they claim to get faster results using Rooting Hormone. But you can judge for yourself-give it a try!

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