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Epiphllum rooted plants are on average grown in a 3-4" diameter pots, can be 2 months to one year old from a cutting. Most have the origonal stem and some new growth, but some may not. All are well rooted.These are offered for those of you in colder climates that want a jump on spring, or for whatever reason just have bad luck rooting cuttings.
For general and advanced Epiphyllum care or (Epi) for short see our Epi Growing page
With so many varieties and more added every day heres an easy to use search box for your convienance to find varieties on the website. Dont see what your looking for? Just ask us as we grow more than whats listed here.

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Ackermannii Hybridus Rooted Ackermannii Hybridus Rooted $16.95

Amaranthinius Rooted Amaranthinius Rooted $17.95

America Rooted America Rooted $11.95

Aporophyllum Karen Rooted Aporophyllum Karen Rooted $14.95

Appeal Rooted Appeal Rooted $12.95

Atlantis Rooted Plant Atlantis Rooted Plant $12.95

Aviana Rooted Aviana Rooted $15.95

Aztec Treasure Rooted Aztec Treasure Rooted $14.95

Behold Rooted Plant Behold Rooted Plant $15.95

Big Buddy Rooted Big Buddy Rooted $13.95

Big Surprise Rooted Plant Big Surprise Rooted Plant $16.95

Bisco Rooted Bisco Rooted $16.95

Black Lights Rooted Black Lights Rooted $12.95

Black Out Rooted Black Out Rooted $15.95

Blackamore Rooted Blackamore Rooted $13.95

Blazon Rooted Blazon Rooted $14.95

Bozo Rooted Bozo Rooted $12.95

Bronze Star Rooted Bronze Star Rooted $17.95

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