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Epiphyllum Hybrid cuttings are offered as a single cutting and in pairs of cuttings of the same variety, 20% discount for pairs. The minimum sizes of the cuttings are 6 to 8 inches each one, but most maybe much larger depending on availability. Very easy to root-see our Rooting cuttings page
For general and advanced Epiphyllum care or (Epi) for short see our Epi Growing page

Largest selection worldwide, over 2000 listed and more added everyday

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La Bella La Bella $8.99

La Vie Dansante La Vie Dansante $9.99

Labor Of Love Labor Of Love $9.95

Lady Edna Lady Edna $8.99

Lady Of Mars Lady Of Mars $9.99

Lady Of Spain Lady Of Spain $11.50

Lady Ruffles Lady Ruffles $9.99

Lark Ellen Lark Ellen $10.95

Lassie Lassie $10.95

Last To Arrive Last To Arrive $9.99

Lasting Beauty Lasting Beauty $10.95

Laughing Girl Laughing Girl $9.95

Lavender Marshmallow Lavender Marshmallow $10.99

Lazy River Lazy River $8.99

Leah Ann Leah Ann $9.99

Lemon Custard Lemon Custard $9.99

Lemon Icicles Lemon Icicles $10.95

Lemon Punch Lemon Punch $10.95

Lemon Yellow Lemon Yellow $9.99

Lennie Lennie $8.99

Letty May Letty May $11.95

Liane Paetz Liane Paetz $8.99

Liberty Big Deal Liberty Big Deal $11.95

Liberty Charmhaven Liberty Charmhaven $11.95

Liberty Etta Liberty Etta $11.95

Liberty Fantasy Liberty Fantasy $10.95

Liberty Fiesta Liberty Fiesta $11.95

Liberty Glow Liberty Glow $13.95

Liberty Inspiration Liberty Inspiration $11.95

Liberty Joys Bonanza Liberty Joys Bonanza $12.95

Liberty Lolita Liberty Lolita $12.95

Liberty Mi-lady Liberty Mi-lady $10.95

Liberty Pollyanna Liberty Pollyanna $12.95

Liberty Rose Mist Liberty Rose Mist $8.99

Liberty Show Biz Liberty Show Biz $11.95

Liberty Super Alf Liberty Super Alf $8.99

Liberty Super Star Liberty Super Star $11.95

Liberty Surf Pearl Liberty Surf Pearl $13.95

Liberty Swingalong Liberty Swingalong $11.95

Liberty Tinkerbell Liberty Tinkerbell $10.95

Liberty Waltztime Liberty Waltztime $12.95

Liberty White Dove Liberty White Dove $11.95

Liebchen Liebchen $10.95

Light N Bright Light N Bright $10.95

Lilac Time Lilac Time $9.99

Lilliput Lilliput $10.95

Lily Dache Lily Dache $9.95

Limelight Limelight $9.99

Linda Diane Linda Diane $0.00

Lioa Paetz Lioa Paetz $8.99

Lipstick Lipstick $12.95

Lisbeth Lisbeth $9.99

Little Guy Little Guy $9.99

Little Martian Kid Little Martian Kid $12.95

Lloyd J Pittman Lloyd J Pittman $9.95

Lola Leah Lola Leah $10.25

Lollipop Lollipop $10.50

London Delight London Delight $9.95

London Fog London Fog $10.50

Londonii Londonii $8.99

Looking For Love Looking For Love $9.99

Looking Good Looking Good $9.95

Lotus Land Lotus Land $9.99

Lou Howard Lou Howard $9.95

Louisa Irwin Louisa Irwin $12.95

Louise Louise $9.99

Love In Bloom Love In Bloom $10.95

Love Potion Number Nine Love Potion Number Nine $12.95

Lover Lover $11.95

Lulu Lulu $7.99

Lunar Lights Lunar Lights $8.99

Lustrous Lady Lustrous Lady $9.95

Luteo Luteo $11.15

Lycorias Lycorias $9.99

Lynn Anne Lynn Anne $9.99

Lynn Gilbert Lynn Gilbert $9.95

Lyonnesse Lyonnesse $10.95

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