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Echinopsis Hybrids

Are offered here as small pups,have vivid colored small to XL sized blooms just as large as Epis in many varieties. Most have some spines are columar or small barrel shaped in growth. But unlike Trichocereus they tend to not grow as large 1-2 feet maximum at full maturity, many are even smaller and most average no more than 6 inches in hieght or as tall as there diameter. Very easy to grow, they like rich well draining soil with some sand in the mix. They are cool low mountain cactus so the origonal species that they were crossed with came from lower regions of mountains ranges in Peru. NOT A MOJAVE DESERT CACTUS. They can take full sun all day by coastal locations but like a short break from the sun in summer further inland. A shadow cast from a structure or vegitation does just fine. Regular water and fertilizer during warm season. Several sets of blooms spring to fall.
Trichocereus are also technically Echinopsis but we separated them since they grow much larger and may fit in your window sill when you first receive them but soon will be taller than the window in height. See there Growing pages Echinopsis & Trichocereus Growing Pages

With so many varieties and more added every day heres an easy to use search box for your convienance to find varieties on the website

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Afterglow Afterglow $18.99

Aglaia Aglaia $19.95

Aiko Aiko $19.99

Aladin (mex 366-2) Aladin (mex 366-2) $22.99

Allusion Allusion $18.00

Anastasia Echinopsis Anastasia Echinopsis $14.95

Andenken An Fric Echinopsis Andenken An Fric Echinopsis $12.50

Angela Ech X Lob Angela Ech X Lob $16.99

Anne Frank Anne Frank $28.99

Antares Echinopsis Hybrid Antares Echinopsis Hybrid $17.95

Antimatter Echinopsis Antimatter Echinopsis $24.99

Aphrodite Aphrodite $19.99

Apricot Delight Echinopsis Apricot Delight Echinopsis $13.95

Arabesque Arabesque $18.99

Atomic Atomic $39.99

Aurora Aurora $19.99

Autumn Rust Echinopsis Autumn Rust Echinopsis $10.95

Barber Pole Echinopsis Barber Pole Echinopsis $16.95

Barcarole Echinopsis Hybrid Barcarole Echinopsis Hybrid $15.95

Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer $18.99

Bel Canto Bel Canto $16.99

Ben Hur Ben Hur $15.95

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse $19.99

Bex 85 2012 2918 21 X 35 2918 Bex 85 2012 2918 21 X 35 2918 $24.99

Bilsdale Flame Bilsdale Flame $16.99

Blaze Lobivia Hybrid Blaze Lobivia Hybrid $16.99

Bonanza Ech Hyb (bex 282) Bonanza Ech Hyb (bex 282) $28.99

Bourne Lustre Bourne Lustre $19.99

Bourne Spider Ech Bourne Spider Ech $19.99

Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Bardot $89.99

Brigittes Beauty Brigittes Beauty $19.99

Buttercup Echinopsis Cv Buttercup Echinopsis Cv $15.95

Cabaret Echinopsis Hybrid Cabaret Echinopsis Hybrid $18.99

Candlelight Candlelight $13.95

Caramel Echinopsis Hybrid Caramel Echinopsis Hybrid $12.95

Caribbean Lights Mex 380-2 Caribbean Lights Mex 380-2 $19.99

Cassandra Cassandra $18.99

Caterpillar (echinopsis-crested) Caterpillar (echinopsis-crested) $28.99

Celeste Echinopsis Celeste Echinopsis $18.95

Charlemagne Echinopsis Charlemagne Echinopsis $13.95

Cheetah Cheetah $15.95

Chico Mendes Chico Mendes $15.99

Cleistopsis Cleistopsis $18.95

Consolation Consolation $16.99

Coquette Coquette $19.99

Crepe Crusader Echinopsis Hybrid Crepe Crusader Echinopsis Hybrid $15.99

Da Gigi Da Gigi $19.99

Danse Macabre Danse Macabre $16.99

Dark Melody Echinopsis Dark Melody Echinopsis $14.99

Day Dream Echinopsis Day Dream Echinopsis $15.95

Dessau Dessau $15.95

Diehls Hybrid Echinopsis Diehls Hybrid Echinopsis $18.95

Dominos Echinopsis Hybrid Dominos Echinopsis Hybrid $13.99

Don Juan Echinopsis Hybrid Don Juan Echinopsis Hybrid $19.99

Dragon Lady Echinopsis Hyb Dragon Lady Echinopsis Hyb $18.99

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