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Xpacherocactus orcuttii

Xpacherocactus orcuttii

Xpacherocactus orcuttii
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Cactus species xPacherocactus orcuttii this shrubby-columnar type cactus is an odd one being that it is a species ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: 2 to 3 inch diameter

Availability:In Stock

10 To 12 Inches + Long

Single Price: $39.99

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Full Description: Cactus species xPacherocactus orcuttii this shrubby-columnar type cactus is an odd one being that it is a species of an inter-generic hybrid between Pachycereus pringlei X Bergerocactus emoryi.
Growth habit is shrubby like forming clumps to 6' ft. to 12' feet tall with up to 3 dozen plus branches or stems and short main trunks or stems. Individual stem growth is yellowish green in color averaging 2" up to 4" in diameter, constricted pinch points at the end of each year's growth. Ribs average 14-18, obtusely toothed. Areoles usually distinct, 3/8" apart. Spines not clearly differentiated as centrals and radials, light golden yellow, becoming darker with age. Central spines 5-10 with 1-2 much longer than the others, 3/4" on young plants up to 1-1/2" long on older growth. Radial spines as many as 20 or more, up to 1/2" long. This species is very rare in the wild and even more rare in collections.

Synonyms : Cereus orcuttii, Pachycereus orcuttii, xPachgerocereus orcuttii

Native to : Mexico-Baja California (Norte). Habitat range is small for xPacherocactus orcuttii occurring in very low numbers in the east and southeast of El Rosario, Baja California, Mexico.

Flowers & fruit : The flowers of xPacherocactus orcuttii are light yellow, 2 1/2"+ diameter, funnel form, pericarpels and floral tubes covered with scales, numerous areoles bearing white wool and bristly spines. The fruit flesh is dark red-magenta colored, roundish, averaging 2" in diameter with dense wool and hair like spines covering exterior. The fruit will naturally split open when over ripe looking alien like.

More info. : Classification- xPacherocactus orcuttii-Subfamily Cactoideae, tribe Pachycereeae. Only this one inter-generic species is known to exist as the result of naturally occurring hybridization between Pachycereus and Bergerocactus.

Origins of xPacherocactus orcuttii;

Baja California yielded a mysterious plant in 1886, when Charles Orcutt was traveling on the peninsula. He found an interesting, golden-spined cactus near El Rosario and returned to San Diego, California, with some living material of it. More than a decade later it flowered, and Orcutt gave the material to Katharine Brandegee, who described it in 1900 as Cereus orcuttii. Nathaniel Britton and Joseph Rose moved it to the genus Pachycereus in 1909.

For many years no one knew the actual locality of this distinctive cactus, but in 1950 it was rediscovered by Charles Harbison. Considerable searching, however, yielded only three individuals. Subsequent studies have shown that Or-cutt's cactus is, in fact, a naturally occurring hybrid, Pachycereus pringlei x Bergerocactus emoryi. Reid Moran (1962a) accurately summarized the characteristics of the putative parents and described the hybrid genus xPachgerocereus, combining the names of the parental genera. Nomenclatural technicalities invalidate that name, however, and a new name, xPacherocactus, was coined by Gordon Rowley in 1982. Detailed field studies were carried out by Lyle McGill (1977), and xPacherocactus is in cultivation at the Desert Botanical Garden. The plants flower during the day in spring.

Publications :

xPacherocactus G. D. Rowley 1982 xPachgerocereus Moran 1962, not validly published.

xPacherocactus orcuttii (K. Brandegee) G. D. Rowley 1982 Cereus orcuttii K. Brandegee 1900, Pachycereus orcuttii (K. Brandegee) Britton & Rose 1909, xPachgerocereus orcuttii (K. Brandegee) Moran 1962, not validly published

Offered as : Stem cuttings 10" to 12" long to all mail order locations, larger rooted plants are also available for mail order with in the U.S. only , or maybe picked up at the walk in nursery. Click the link below for more info., days/hours open, check availability or for driving directions etc.

( Below are more pictures of xPacherocactus orcuttii stem growth as example )

 xPacherocactus orcuttii 3 apex

xPacherocactus orcuttii 4

Established 5 gallon rooted plant(s) up to larger specimen multi-plant(s) may also be available for shipping within the U.S. only or for pick-up as most are very large, so sorry but no international shipping of large plants.

Simply click the link below for info. about our walk-in nursery website, or to check availability and place an order with one of our friendly sales reps. today !

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