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Trichocereus hybrid 'Glorious Trichocereus'

Trichocereus hybrid 'Glorious Trichocereus'

Trichocereus hybrid 'Glorious Trichocereus'
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Trichocereus Hybrid 'GLORIOUS' Has a 4" to 5" (10.16-12.7 cm) diameter bloom. Glorious is a cross of Trichocereus Huasha ...(
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Full Description: Trichocereus Hybrid 'GLORIOUS' Has a 4" to 5" (10.16-12.7 cm) diameter bloom. Glorious is a cross of Trichocereus Huasha v. Rubra X (Ex nat.). The blooms are purple/red with touch of light cerise on petal edges, white stamens and anthers. Some orange midstriping and orange overlay in petals with darker orange midstripe in back petals. Growth is columar and at full maturity can grow 3'-4' ft+ (.9144-1.29 m) tall and 4" to 10" inchs (10.16-25.4 cm) in diameter.

NOTES:Simular in flower form and base colors to 'Cherry Red' with a bell formed bloom. Also has some orange in the bloom with a wide mistripe to orange overlay. Although this variety does not typically open as wide as 'Cherry Red' the individual blooms of 'Glorious' tend to last a long time, up to a week is common depending on weather conditions at your location. Pups freely too.

Semi-hardy this variety can be ground planted in full sun & frost free locations, but can tolarate brief periods below 32 degrees down to 20 on larger mature sized plants. Makes a very attractive and colorful landscape plant that also has several eye catching flower displays throughout the warm season months.

Offered as; a small plant for mail order 2"-3" (5.08-7.62 cm) diameter minumum to 4"-6" (10.16-15.24 cm) above the soil line, often we tend to send much larger plants depending on current availability/your location. Depending on availability a large top cuts maybe sent instead on occasion to some U.S. locations only (top cuts average- 5" to 10" diameter x 12"+ tall). Top cuts put out root very fast (2-6 weeks) and tend to bloom imeadiately in warm season as if still attached to its larger stock plant. Smaller plants of this variety tend to begin blooming at 12" to 18" or larger in hieght.

(Below are more pictures of 'GLORIOUS' in bloom with example of a top cut and pups emerging on one of our mother plants.)


Larger 5 gallon and specimen sized 15 gallon plant(s) are also available for mail order within the U.S.A. only, or for pick-up at our walk-in nursery location Epicacti Nursery. Click the link below to order/check availability or for hours open/driving directions to visit us.

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