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Euphorbia tirucalli fire sticks

Euphorbia tirucalli fire sticks
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Species Euphorbia tirucalli Variety 'Fire sticks' is a succulent plant that has narrow multi-branching cylindrical ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: xs

Availability:In Stock

Multi-branched Cutting

Single Price: $8.95

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Full Description: Species Euphorbia tirucalli Variety 'Fire sticks' is a succulent plant that has narrow multi-branching cylindrical stems. Stems on newer growth tend to be greenish in color but will eventually turn orange-yellow to reddish on tips when given direct sunlight. Stem growth averages 1/4" in diameter and is multi-branching. Large more established plants can reach up to 6' ft. in height and be very bushy in form.

Care; Easy to grow Euphorbia tirucalli likes rich soil mix and excellent drainage. Adaptable to many climates but cannot go below freezing for prolonged periods or new growth will show damage.

Common names; Aveloz, Fire stick Plants, Indian Tree Spurge, Naked Lady, Pencil Tree, Sticks on Fire, Pencil Plant or Milk Bush.

More info; Euphorbia tirucalli has a wide distribution in Africa, being prominently present in northeastern, central and southern Africa. It may also be native in other parts of the continent as well as it grows in the surrounding islands and the Arabian peninsula. Euphorbia tirucalli has been introduced to many other tropical regions. Its status in India is uncertain. It grows in dry areas, and is often used to feed cattle or as hedging. Euphorbia tirucalli 'Fire Sticks' is well known in Sri Lanka where it is called Sinhala: නවහන්දි Navahandi in Sinhalese.

E. tirucalli is a hydrocarbon plant that produces a poisonous latex which can, with little effort, be converted to the equivalent of gasoline. This led chemist Melvin Calvin to propose the exploitation of E. tirucalli for producing oil. This usage is particularly appealing because of the ability of E. tirucalli to grow on land that is not suitable for most other crops. Calvin estimated that 10 to 50 barrels of oil per acre was achievable. It has also been used in the production of rubber, but this was not very successful.

Offered as; A multi-branched cutting a minimum of 10" long with many side arms. Each segment can be rooted, but we send whole to keep hydrated in transit.
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