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Euphorbia stellata

Euphorbia stellata

Euphorbia stellata
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Succulent species Euphorbia stellata is a small geophytic species which means Euphorbia stellata has a storage ...(
full description below

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Full Description: Succulent species Euphorbia stellata is a small geophytic species which means Euphorbia stellata has a storage organ or the large caudex which is above and below the soil line which these types of plants are called geophytic or geophytes in the Raunkiśr plant life-form classification system. Storage organs like a large root tuber or a caudex often act as perennating organs which enable plants to survive adverse conditions- such as cold, excessive heat, lack of light or long periods of drought.

Euphorbia stellata is both a caudiciform and medusoid Euphorbia. It is very similar in body shape to the closely related Euphorbia squarrosa. The Caudex (tuberose root stock): The short, conical to truncate stem merges with the thick turnip-shaped root forming a woody caudex 2" to 6" inches tall and average 2-1/2" to 3"+ in diameter or more in very old plants. It is an underground water-storage organ so it is very resistant to drought. In cultivation the tuberous root stock is raised over the ground so that it can be seen and is especially cultivated for its looks. Making it look like a miniature or bonsai palm tree, highly prized by collectors.

The branches or stems of Euphorbia stellata average 6"+ inches long and 3/4" wide, tufted, prostrate and radiating on the top of the root stock at ground level, strictly bilaterally flattened, two-ribbed, dark green with feathery, whitish markings. The margins are winged with sinuate teeth about 1/4" inch apart. Stipular spines are paired, circular, separated up to 1/8" long. The flowers of Euphorbia stellata are greenish-Yellow in color and less than 1/4" in diameter. Has small lobed fruits with seeds that are broad and ovoid in shape.

Euphorbia stellata is very popular with succulent plant enthusiasts worldwide.

Synonyms : Euphorbia stellata, Euphorbia procumbens, Euphorbia radiata, Euphorbia scolopendrea, Euphorbia uncinata

Native to : South Africa-Eastern Cape

Notes : Take caution like most plants in the Euphorbia genus the milky white sap is toxic to mucus membranes, lips, ears and especially eyes.

Euphorbia stellata is easy to grow in summer you can have faster growth if given lots of heat, water and fertilizer but the water must drain away fast. In winter during its rest period give little water. About the only way to kill this plant is by over watering especially in winter.

Offered as : A small plant or offset to all mail order locations. Larger rooted plant(s) are available for mail order within the U.S. only, or for pick up. See link below for info. about our walk in nursery.

( Below are more pictures of Euphorbia stellata typical stem growth examples ).

Euphorbia stellata 3

Euphorbia stellata 4

Euphorbia stellata 5

Euphorbia stellata 6

Established 1 and 2 gallon rooted plant(s) may also be available for shipping within the U.S. only or for pick-up as most are very large, so sorry but no international shipping of large plants.

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