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Euphorbia horrida

Euphorbia horrida
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Succulent Species Euphorbia horrida Has a very small flower that is green and yellow solitary cyathia, pedunculate, ...(
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Small Plant


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Full Description: Succulent Species Euphorbia horrida Has a very small flower that is green and yellow solitary cyathia, pedunculate, Involucre finely hairy with 5 glands and 5 large lobes. Involucres glands are green, blooms in summer. The stem growth is grey/green with 10 to 20 ribs, wing-like and prominent. Euphorbia horrida has formidable rows of spines up to 40 mm long which are actually the dried remnants of its flower stalks and are very rigid.

Common name: African Milk Barrel

Care: Light shade to full sun, good draining soil mix with some mineral or sand. Zones 9a to 11 outdoors, can also be grown as a houseplant indoors thru winter if you are located in a cold climate.

Native to: South Africa (lower Great Karoo) Found in the Wittepoort Mts. in the Willowmore District, var. striata is found 24km north of Steyterville, var. noorsveldensis is found 18km to the north of Jansenville, var. major is found 30km north of Willowmore.

More info: Euphorbia horrida is a species of flowering plant in the family Euphorbiaceae. It is a cactus-like shrub showing remarkable similarities to the true cacti of the New World, and thus an example of convergent evolution.
The Latin specific epithet horrida means "with many prickles". Euphorbia horrida has also gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Offered as: A small plant minimum 2-1/2" diameter to all locations worldwide. Larger specimens can be shipped within the U.S. only, click the link below for info.

1 gallon sized and larger specimen sized plant(s) in 5 gallons are also available for shipping within the U.S.A. ONLY or for pick up at Epicacti Nursery-(our walk-in open to the public nursery). Simply click the link below to visit us or place an order/check availability with one of our friendly sales associates.

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