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Espostoa blossfeldiorum

Espostoa blossfeldiorum

Espostoa blossfeldiorum
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Cactus species Espostoa blossfeldiorum A columnar cactus that can grow up to 12' ft. + tall, usually solitary stems ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: Small

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12 Inch + Long

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Full Description: Cactus species Espostoa blossfeldiorum A columnar cactus that can grow up to 12' ft. + tall, usually solitary stems but sometimes can be multi-branched on older plants, often from the base or if wind tops the main stem, producing branching. Individual stems of Espostoa blossfeldiorum can be up to 4" inches in diameter, 18 to 25 ribs with closely set woolly areoles. Spines average 6 or 7 central spines, up to 1"+ inch long and 20 to 25 radials up to 1/2"+ inch long. Young and older plants have brownish colored spines on new growth from the apex (top), older spines turn a silvery white. Young stems have few fine hairs, but older plants will additionally grow fine hairs-(Pseudocephalium) near the top growth, often running laterally along the stem, in some instances only on one side of a Espostoa blossfeldiorum stem. Makes an interesting and attractive, drought tolerant landscape plant in frost free locations.

What is Pseudocephalium ? : The pseudocephalium is an area on the side of the stems which have much denser hair and bristly spines that grow on the side, usually close to the apex (top) of the stem, of some species of cacti. Only mature plants will develop the lateral pseudocephalium or dense hair. This is the area where the flower buds and fruit are produced. The pseudocephalium can look as if your cacti grew a beard.

***Please Note*** : This rare cactus species scientific classification was changed, so we now have it listed here as Espostoa blossfeldiorum the current accepted scientific name. Click this link to see the catalog description for this same plant previously scientifically classified as Thrixanthocereus blossfeldiorum.

Common Name : Snow Pole Cactus.

Synonyms : Cephalocereus blossfeldiorum, Facheiroa blossfeldiorum, Cereus blossfeldiorum, Thrixanthocereus blossfeldiorum, Thrixanthocereus cullmannianus, Thrixanthocereus longispinus.

Native to : Peru. Distribution : Espostoa blossfeldiorum a Peruvian endemic is found in Jaén and Celendín (Cajamarca), Huancabamba (Piura), and Balsas (Amazonas), at altitudes of 500 to 2,000 m asl (Arakaki et al. 2006, Hunt et al. 2006).

Flowers/ Fruit : Pale yellow to cream colored blooms with tan colored back petals, funnel form, blooms in mid-summer. The fruit is small but it is edible, sweet, and juicy. Only mature stems producing pseudocephalium or dense hairs will produce blooms.

Care : Espostoa blossfeldiorum likes full sun and regular water in summers and prefers semi-rich soil. Not very cold hardy Espostoa blossfeldiorum can not tolerate temperatures below 32 degrees in winter and could have slight damage below 40F if for prolonged periods. Almost no water required in winter, water occasionally but keep on the dry side in winter to prevent root rot a common problem with this species in winter. Recommended for zones 9-b and up, but does ok with minimum protection in zone 9-a such as shade cloth or by a wall with ambient heat, or bring inside or greenhouse in winter months; Nov., Dec., Jan. and Feb. in northern hemisphere.

Offered as : 12"+ inch long cuttings to all mail order locations. 5 gallon sized rooted plant(s) are available for mail order with in the U.S. only or can also be picked up at our walk in nursery-see details/info. click link below.

Established 5 gallon sized specimen plant(s) may also be available for shipping within the U.S. only or for pick-up as most are very large, so sorry but no international shipping of large plants.

Simply click the link below for info. about our walk-in nursery website, or to check availability and place an order with one of our friendly sales reps. today !

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