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Epiphyllum p. var.g.montrose

Epiphyllum p. var.g.montrose
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Epiphyllum Species-Epiphyllum P.(Variety)Guatemalense(MONTROSE) Well this one has a long name so i thought i would describe ...(


Bloom Size: small to medium

Availability:In Stock

6-8 + Inches Long

Single Price: $9.95

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Full Description:

Epiphyllum Species-Epiphyllum P.(Variety)Guatemalense(MONTROSE) Well this one has a long name so i thought i would describe it in more detail. This plant is technically an Epiphyllum phyllanthus Guatemalense species but a montrose variety or in montrose form.

What MONTROSE means- on the origonal plant one stem,maybe more did a strange thing like this one did-it with curled stem edges. Someone made copies/clones of this abnormality by taking a cutting of only the wierd or strange curled up stems and after a little time soon had a large plant that had all stems simular to the origonal deformity that was present on only a few of the stem on the origonal plant.

This plant has a bloom thats small to medium in size off white to cream colored, a very long stem tube in relation to the bloom size averaging 6" long, open bloom form and its a nocturnal bloomer-simular bloom as E.Guatemalense the species has, but the growth on this one is MONTROSE. The stem edges have wavy edges and the stems begining at the tip curl underneath. Great grower and somewhat self branching. Ocasionally some stems may even curl enough to push back into the soil and root themselves! A very unusual variety! With very interesting stem growth.

This variety is self pollinating and very fertile so almost every bloom will produce a seed pod on its own without the need to assist with pollination. Below shows seed pods from a previous season which if left on the plant until fully ripe would have been more reddish or pink in color. They could be eaten as there non-toxic or non-poisoness, but seldom will the fruits/ seed pods produce a good flavor, as often the taste is sort of musty or sour. Below is a picture of several seed pods taken from one plant, the seed pod at bottom has a shriveled bloom still attached-(notice how long the stem tube was). Seed pods average from dime size up to a quarter size in diameter or 3/4" up to 1-1/8" average (1.27-2.57cm).

(Below is close up pictures of the long flower tube & the seed pods produced after blooming.)

epi montrose flower tube

E Guat montrose seed pods

epi montrose seed pod ripe

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