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Echinocactus grusonii

Echinocactus grusonii

Echinocactus grusonii
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Species Echinocactus grusonii Also known as the "Golden Barrel Cactus", Golden Ball and sort of amusingly ...(
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Bloom Size: small

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Full Description: Species Echinocactus grusonii Also known as the "Golden Barrel Cactus", Golden Ball and sort of amusingly its also commonly known as the "Mother-in-Law's Cushion". Sym; (Echinocereus grusoniii).

Native Habitat; Native habitat of Echinocereus grusonii is primarily in east-central Mexico (Queretaro de Arteaga area). It is rare and critically endangered in the wild, where it is found near Mesa de Léon in the state of Querétaro, and in the state of Hidalgo, but its more often seen as a widely used attractive landscape plant throughout the western US states and Mexico.

Growth; The growth form of Echinocereus grusonii is a large spherical golden spined globe, Echinocactus grusonii may eventually reach over 1 meter (3.5 ft.) in height as a globe form after several seasons growth. Younger Golden Barrel plants do not look as similar to more mature specimens. There may be up to 35 pronounced ribs in more mature plants, though they may not be as evident in younger plants, which may have a more knobby looking appearance. The sharp spines are long, straight or slightly curved, and various shades of golden yellow, yellow or, occasionally even whitish-yellow. The generation lifetime is estimated to be 30 years+.

Flowers; Echinocactus grusonii flowers are yellow and appear in warmer summer months around the crown of the plant, but only after plants reach some maturity.

Echinocactus grusonii makes a very attractive contrasting colored landscape plant with its brightly colored golden yellow spines, needing little maintenance and also has low water requirements.

Offered as a 6" diameter above the soil line globe, shipping to USA locations only due to its large size.

Larger specimens are also available for pick-up at our walk-in nursery, or for shipping to US locations only for additional cost/size. Please contact us for current availability.

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