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Hylocereus hybrid 'Connie Mayer'

Hylocereus hybrid 'Connie Mayer'

Hylocereus hybrid 'Connie Mayer'
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Hylocereus Hybrid 'CONNIE MAYER' Has a huge XXL Purplish Bloom, but unlike the other Epicacti crosses listed in the catalog ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: XXL

Registration Number: 12629

Availability:In Stock

12 Inches +
Hylocereus Cutting

Single Price: $12.95

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Full Description: Hylocereus Hybrid 'CONNIE MAYER' Has a huge XXL Purplish Bloom, but unlike the other Epicacti crosses listed in the catalog pages its a night bloomer (NOCTURNAL) and closely related to Hylocereus in growth and blooming charecteristics. Blooms can stay open in daytime till late morning 10 am-11 maybe even a little longer if overcast/ cooler weather though.

Growth can be HUGE with thick 3 sided type growth. i've seen inmature plant pictures from some sellers in the past with it in a small basket, i think they got there bloom picture somewhere else-you can grow it in a basket when its young but it is after all a hylocereus X and tends to grow as such with long vines that will meander and sprawl up a trellis or post. Below is one pictured in a basket supplied by Epicacti Hybridizer Don Burnett but as you can see it can get huge growth so eventually it will need an even larger container. The basket below is aprox. 18" diameter (45cm). In a very short time the growth could become lopsided unless you train/reduce the growth (bonsai) in yearly or semi-annual repottings. The other two pictured are in a 30 gallon ceramic container trained up a patio post 8 ft high and now takes over 1/2 of the railings on the second floor deck.

Something different and very easy to grow, not a shy bloomer either. Can be planted in the ground on a slight mound with soil-mix/ sand below for drainage in some areas/ locations that are frost free. Same growing culture as Epis but likes shade at the feet and the top growth likes to reach full sun to bloom well.

Can be crossed with other Hylocereus, blooms well but not very fertile by itself for fruit production. The fruit pods can occasionally be larger (1/2 lb. to 3/4 lb.), maybe 1 out of 10, but most tend to be smaller 1/4 lb size or smaller. Not a variety for good fruit production, instead 'CONNIE MAYER' is grown primarily for the huge purplish flowers which gives it potential as a possible cross X to other Dragon Fruit as most of there blooms are white with bronze or gold back petals. Blooms late in season closer to Hylocereus (Dragon Fruit) bloom times; June threw August. Hybridized by German Hybridizer Eckhard Meier, a cross of Hylocereus Undatus X H.stenopterus.Reg. #12629

(Below are more pictures of 'CONNIE MAYER' in bloom, including close-ups with side view.)

connie mayer in a basket

(Below is a close-up of 'CONNIE MAYER' in bloom as a side view.)

Connie Mayer bloom side view with tape measure

(Below are some of the large mature 15 gallon sized plants available for pick-up only at Epicacti Nursery

Connie mayer full bloom 15 gal plt

connie mayer 15 gal plants available

15 gal. sized plants also available for pick-up at Epicacti Nursery

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