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Celebration Rebutia Cv

Celebration Rebutia Cv

Celebration Rebutia Cv
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Rebutia hybrid 'CELEBRATION' Has very pretty three toned pinkish-purple dainty blooms (Average bloom sizes are 1-1/4" in ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: Extra small 1.25 inches

ALL SOLD OUT RIGHT NOW Please check back as these will become available once we grow more

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Full Description: Rebutia hybrid 'CELEBRATION' Has very pretty three toned pinkish-purple dainty blooms (Average bloom sizes are 1-1/4" in diameter) in profuse bloom flushes through out the warm season. Cv. Celebration's bloom is three toned pink, white close near the throat with a light yellow overlay. Outer petals have a purplish-pink mid stripe and darker pinkish-purple on petal tips and back petals. Buds are dark pink to reddish when forming.

Growth; Typical Rebutia type smaller growth with a clumping mound of many offsets circling a larger mature plant in center. Mature plants can reach an average height of 6" tall and 3" diameters after several seasons growth. Mature plants will pup very heavily completely encircling the mother plant itself, then offsets or pups can also in turn produce additional pups or offsets by there 2nd or 3rd season. After a few seasons a nice large clump has evolved making for nice bloom display. The green-greyish stems have many small hair-like spines on many ribs forming an attractive circular pattern.

Care; Rebutia hybrids like rich well draining soil and bright light. Very easy to grow! Due to there very compact growth a great choice to brighten up a window sill or bay window if space is limited. Grow great outdoors in frost free areas-give some shade in inland or extremely warm locations.

More info. Rebutias are often referred to as (Aylostera). Hybridized by Brian Goodey of the UK

Offered as: A small rooted plant minimum 2" diameter with possibly a few small pups or offsets attached for mail order to all locations. Larger specimen sized clumps maybe available for mail order within the U.S. only or for pick-up at our walk-in nursery-Epicacti Nursery (see the link for more info. bottom of this catalog page)

( Below are additional pictures of 'CELEBRATION' in bloom.)

Celebration bloom 3

To order larger specimens or visit our walk in nursery-Epicacti Nursery, simply click the link below for info. or order/check availability-U.S. & P.R. locations only.

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