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This item is not available for purchase at this time -see below for details.

Arturo Large Blooming Sized Plant

Arturo Large Blooming Sized Plant
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Epiphyllum hybrid 'ARTURO'- LARGE MATURE BLOOMING SIZE PLANT In a 5 gallon ceramic/plastic pot, pot and hanger are not included ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: Med

Registration Number: 11081

Sorry this one was sold! Check back new ones added daily!

Large Blooming Sized Plant


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Full Description: Epiphyllum hybrid 'ARTURO'- LARGE MATURE BLOOMING SIZE PLANT In a 5 gallon ceramic/plastic pot, pot and hanger are not included as there difficult to ship alltogether. We have plastic pots and hangars available in the supplies section if you cannot find any at your location. Ceramic pots we do not ship/stock for purchase there only used in some of our own growing areas due to breakage in shipping.

1) All large mature plants are shipped minus some soil almost bareroot to reduce shipping costs. The rootballs are wrapped in plastic bag liners to keep the roots semi-moist during transit time.

2) Some large plants are actually several plants in one pot so we will send everything pictured but may have to divide into 2,3,4 or even 5 or more sections for really large speciems so it depends on how large each specimen is. Each section has the hybrid name marked on the stem and exterior wrapping and is also numbered by divisions.Example; 1 of 2 'HYBRID NAME', 2 of 2 'HYBRID NAME' or 1 of 4 'HYBRID NAME', 2 of 4 'HYBRID NAME', 3 of 4, 4 of 4 etc.

3) We are limited to 38" long tube/triangular boxes and some stems may be well over 38" long, we will bend them back carefully but some stems could still possibly break. If any stems do break we also send those along in the package(s) and mark each by name and date when cut/broken for rooting alongside once main plant(s) are received. A broken stem is sent 'as is' so if its very long, say 2 to 3'ft. it is recommended you cut into 6" to no more than 12" inch sections to root, allowing them to score/dry before rooting.

4) Plants purchased pre or during its bloom time; Developing buds/blooms can be fragile during developement we will try our best to pack carefully but cannot guarantee any buds will not fall off during packing or while in transport.

5)Reminder to have a pot and soil mix ready to pot up right away except when instructed not too. Occasionally a large fused root is cut during separations of divisions if thats the case we will mark that section and add instructions to open the bag covering the root ball and allow the root to score or dry a few days in a cool shady spot before planting, but thats rarely required on 15 yr and younger plants.

(NOTE; Sorry but LARGE MATURE BLOOMING SIZED PLANTS are only available to destinations within the U.S its territoriess and P.R. since they have roots and are of bulk/large size. We do have many varieties including this one available as cuttings, that we can ship to various destinations outside the U.S., please see the cutting listings for this variety and thousands more that can be shipped to destinations outside the U.S., its territories or P.R.

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'ARTURO' Has a medium bloom with white inner petals with ruffled edges and a fuchsia midstripe, tips. Second row bright red center, fuchsia edges. Overall striped effect. Outer petals deep blood red, recurved slightly. Style white. Overlapping, cup and saucer form. Tall flat growth. Hybridized by Phyllis Flechsig, a cross of ‘Clown’ x Yellow epicactus seedling, unnamed. Reg. #11081 Offered by our partners at 'Brayshaws Bonanza Epi'. Growers of many quality and hard to find Epis and Xmas Cacti. Expect an added 3 to 5 day delay in our normal shipping time as these are grown at a separate growing area. Expect an added 3 to 5 day delay in our normal shipping time as these are grown at a separate growing area.

See this varieties cutting listing for more details about growth,bloom habits or notes if any.

We want you to be successfull in growing your plants. If you should have any questions please e-mail us.
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