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Aporophyllum Hybrids take simular care as Epis The name 'Aporocactus' comes from the Greek for "Cactus that is not penetrable". Aporocatus have been cultivated in Europe since the end of the 17th century. Aporocactus is a genus of epiphytic cacti from Mexico's high land plateaus. In the wild, they grow on trees or rocks. In cultivation, standard cactus mix is adequate to grow them, but they look better in baskets. They will not tolerate any frost. The most distinct characteristic of these cacti are creeping, trailing or pendulous stems that hang like tails. Stems are spiny,Flowers open by day. Plant the Rat Tail Cactus in full sun in greenhouses and windows in colder climates and on porches, balconies and elsewhere outside in warmer climates. but they like a little more sun than Epis, most of the blooms are smaller but numerous, growth varies but is slender, rope like or 4 and 6 sided in general and some have small spines like hairs some almost none. Aporophyllums have come about by the crossing of Epiphyllums and Aporocactus or (ratail). Most tend to like full sun most of the day, others enjoy a break from full sun part of the day. Offered as cuttings, occasionally rooted plants will be available also.

With so many varieties and more added every day heres an easy to use search box for your convienance to find varieties on the website. Dont see what your looking for? Just ask us as we grow more than whats listed here.

Angela Paetz Angela Paetz $11.95

Aporocactus Flagelliformis Aporocactus Flagelliformis $9.99

Aporophyllum Evita Aporophyllum Evita $11.95

Axel Paetz Aporophyllum Hybrid Axel Paetz Aporophyllum Hybrid $9.99

Blaze Blaze $10.95

Brilliant Brilliant $10.95

Candy Floss Candy Floss $10.95

Carolina Carolina $13.95

Chi Chi Aporophyllum Hybrid Chi Chi Aporophyllum Hybrid $8.99

Contessa Contessa $9.95

Discovery Aporophyllum Hybrid Discovery Aporophyllum Hybrid $12.95

Edna Bellamy Edna Bellamy $11.95

Eugen Eugen $9.95

Fairy Dancer Fairy Dancer $10.95

Felix Felix $9.99

Flames Flames $9.99

Fliedery Paetz Fliedery Paetz $11.95

Gloriana Gloriana $9.95

Goldie Paetz Goldie Paetz $11.95

Gypsy Red Gypsy Red $9.99

Heiderochen Heiderochen $9.15

Helena Helena $10.00

Heliocereus Aurantiacus Heliocereus Aurantiacus $14.95

Helmi Paetz Helmi Paetz $13.95

Kadootje Kadootje $10.50

Karen Karen $9.95

Knebelii Knebelii $10.95

Limoges Limoges $10.95

Luzifer Paetz Luzifer Paetz $10.95

Lydia Harrington Lydia Harrington $8.95

Marsha Marsha $10.50

Melanie Melanie $10.15

Moonlight Aporophyllum Moonlight Aporophyllum $10.95

Naja Aporophyllum Hybrid Naja Aporophyllum Hybrid $9.99

Nelly Paetz Nelly Paetz $11.50

Neue Petersen Hybride Neue Petersen Hybride $9.99

Oakleigh Conquest Oakleigh Conquest $9.99

Odalisque Aporophyllum Hybrid Odalisque Aporophyllum Hybrid $9.99

Orange Queen Orange Queen $9.95

Peggys Cartwheel Peggys Cartwheel $11.95

Peggys Red Spider Peggys Red Spider $13.95

Pinata Pinata $11.95

Pink Duchess Pink Duchess $11.95

Priscilla Aporophyllum Hybrid Priscilla Aporophyllum Hybrid $8.99

Red Rattail - Disocactus Martianus Var. Conzattii Red Rattail - Disocactus Martianus Var. Conzattii $9.95

Red Rattail-disocactus Martianus Red Rattail-disocactus Martianus $8.95

Round Four Round Four $11.95

Scheunemann Scheunemann $8.99

Schneeweib Schneeweib $9.99

Shin Shin $11.95

Shirley Aporophyllum Hybrid Shirley Aporophyllum Hybrid $9.99

Star Fire Star Fire $11.95

Sunrise Aporophyllum Sunrise Aporophyllum $9.99

Sussex Flame Sussex Flame $11.95

Sussex Lilac Sussex Lilac $12.95

Sussex Peach Sussex Peach $9.99

Sussex Pink Sussex Pink $9.99

Tangerine Aporophyllum Hybrid Tangerine Aporophyllum Hybrid $9.99

Temple Fire Temple Fire $10.95

Temple Glow Temple Glow $10.95

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