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Reservation form for out of stock items

PLEASE NOTE; This function is not fully operational until May 15th, 2011. Still under testing so should you make a reservation before that date we might not receive it. We are working hard to improve and perfect this system so it works to your expectations. COMING SOON!!! Please check it out and feel free to send us your coments & feedback to make it better for all users while were still under developement stages.

How to use this reservation system and user guidelines


1)This is a first come first served system-first date in receives the first offer once the variety becomes available. You will receive a paypal Invoice from, if theres no response after 5 days the offer is then given to the next in line and on down the list by date.

2) Prices will always be the same as posted on the website the day the offer is made.

3) Theres a $15 fee for any invoice not meeting a minumum of $25, you can also add regular in stock items from the website to meet our $25 minumum.

4) PLANT SCOUT-There is a $25 fee plus costs for finding plants for you not normally listed on the website or ones not currently being grown in our own collection. Fees vary but can include shipping costs to us from a third party or possibly other transportation/handling costs.

5) Only cuttings can be offered to buyers outside the U.S. its territories or P.R. No plants with roots due to restrictions, sorry.

6) On some occasions certain plants or cuttings are restricted to be sent to your location, we will notify you of this if thats the case.

7) Any plants are sent minus most soil to reduce shipping weight or are bare root.

8) Winter months; Any item shipped that may need a heat pack is free if the order is over $50, under and theres a $2.50 charge per parcel from October thru March. We can (guess) some cold locations but not high elevations so just let us know to be sure we get it to you in perfect condition.


1) Fill in all boxes completely or select/make choices from all pull downs. Some have many choices not visable unless you click the small side scroll down arrows on each section. We want to help you get the variety you want but need your help by you giving us complete information.

2) Use the same e-mail address you registered with at for us to invoice you correctly and for shipping to your location. Its possible to ship to a third party but you will have to let us know before we invoice you, so we charge you the correct shipping costs.

3) Use the large scroll bar to scroll down to the submit button, once done press it only once you will receive a confirmation e-mail once its accepted. This can take up to 24-48 hours for you to receice, but usually is much faster.
Any questions about how to use this system or suggestions just e-mail us below

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