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Welcome to the Epi Cacti Forums!!! TO DETER SPAM ONLY REGISTERED MEMBERS CAN POST, QUESTS CAN ONLY READ SOME SUB-FORUMS. Once your registered all areas are visable. Start by introducing yourself by just saying hi here and maybe the types of plant varieties you grow.Your general location. This is a friendly forum where beginners to advanced growers share ideas,new hybrid creations, sell and trade, post pictures and more! If you have a question don't be shy to ask any of the forum members here. All the forum members are very friendly and enjoy helping fellow growers whenever they can with advice and encouragement. Note to post pictures in any forum posts look for 'UPLOAD Attachments' toward the bottom of post module. If you have trouble finding any features just PM another user,moderator or e-mail Admin. matt@Mattslandscape.com I will be happy to help you out!
Welcome and surf around the sub-forums to get familiar with the different forums. You can read most posts but must register first in order to reply post in the forums.Registration & membership is free. Matt-Epi-Cacti Forums Admin

Moderators: Epi*Lover*Pat, EPIE-ELF, Jerrysdca, Cindy, Kathleen, Stephen

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The Epi-Cacti forums on Mattslandscape.com are open to everyone, trading,selling can be arranged between users Mattslandscape.com takes no liability should a trade or sale not work out. Buying, selling and trading on this forum is at your own risk. Any sales made directly through the Mattslandscape.com main website not the forum are always guaranteed. Everyone is welcome to share and participate in conversations. Profanity or abusive language will be grounds for your removal from posting on this forum. Please be respectful of others and their opinions. You don't need to agree but try to agree to disagree instead without being abusive. Thank you for your co-operation the Administrator.
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