Bonsai Form/styles display yours here

Bonsai Forms/Styles sub-forum is simular to the bloom reports in other sub-forums on Epi-Cacti Forums but besides a blooming plant different forms of bonsai that growers have achieved in there plants are also displayed here. They can be any flowering, Decidious, Conifer or Juniper subjects used to demonstrate a form.

They may include but are not limited to these forms of Bonsai- In formal upright, formal upright, broom form, formal broom form, informal broom form, cascade, semi-cascade, slanting form, windswept, permananetly windswept, temporarily windswept, twin trunk, multi-trunk, root over rock, Literati or Bunjin form-This last form got its name from the Chinese scholars who through there caligraphy paintings depicted this form.

Please post your pictures of your form here using one or more classifications to describe your form and plant varieties used.

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