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ESA New Hybrid registration form

ESA New Hybrid Registration Form

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How Do I Register My New Epiphyllum Hybrid ?

After germination of your Epiphyllum seeds from the Epiphyllum cross you selected, you then grew the small Epiphyllum seedlings that survived from small germinated seed stage thru seedling stage and there now full sized plants (this takes about 4-9 years on average). The full sized/mature Epiphyllum plant finally bloomed for the first time last season and again this current one. So you believe your creation is worthy enough that it warrants registration.

The form below is an example of what you would use to register your new Epiphyllum hybrid with E.S.A. This completed form is then submitted to the Epiphyllum Society of America and once approved you will receive a registration number for your new creation. This form is included in the E.S.A. Directory of Species and Hybrids along with full instructions to complete the form and address where to send. To purchase the Epiphyllum Society of America directory and or join the ESA club simply click the link below.

Check list on submitting your new Epiphyllum hybrid

Be sure your hybrid is 'STABLE' meaning it grows well and is not weak in that its overall health declines severly or even perishes soon after blooming. First year blooms on Epiphyllum seedlings often change color so it is also advisable to wait for another bloom the following season before registering and preparing a description of the bloom. After waiting for the 2nd season of blooms or more you can now be possitive your registered description and how the plant will perform naturally are both matched.

Purchase the Epiphyllum Society of America Directory of Epiphyllum Species & Hybrids and completing the new hybrid form. Full instructions on how to fill in the form are included in the directory along with where to mail.

Its also advisable to get several detailed photos preferably in digital camera form of the bloom and growth to submit along with the registration form. Keep extra copies or store these photos on your computer for future referance or to share with others.

The hybrid Epiphyllum 'NAME' you select cannot already be one in use, so you will need to review the E.S.A. directory to make sure that the name you have chosen for your Epiphyllum is not already taken. Addendiums or changes and additions are often issued by ESA they too will need to be reviewed to be sure the name is not in use already. Finale confirmation of availability of a hybrid name is also done by E.S.A. If the name is registered already you will need to chose an alternate name.

The name can not be more than four words long. Try to keep the Epiphyllum name short if at all possible due to the possibility long names are often abreaviated or shortened when shared by growers making mistakes of the name much more likely.

It must be appropriate in that no foul language or other offensive names are allowed. This can be subjective so when in doubt submit the name anyways. Or write a reason or meaning of a term or name if nessary. If in doubt have another alternate name ready. Example; a hybrid name of a place like 'Hells Kitchen' maybe ok.

Hybrids can also be named in other languages besides english, if thats the case also write the meaning in English when you submit your form. If the Epiphyllum hybrid name is a slang non-english term it can also then be researched and interpreted correctly.

( Below is a photo slide show for your enjoyment of a few varieties on the website.)

With so many varieties and more added every day heres an easy to use search box for your convienance to find varieties on the website.

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