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How to make your own Dragon Fruit Wine

How to make your own Red Dragon Fruit Wine

red dragon fruit wine

Sorry but were very small Dragon Fruit Wine producers here at Instead of a large field of one variety,we grow many varieties,since we grow them for gardeners, collectors, universitys and fruit producers to grow themselves. We could only produce maybe one bottle of any one variety a year. But see below its easy to make your own Dragon Fruit Wine as theres few large scale producers out in the market yet, and almost none in the U.S. Only U.S. spirit produceres who add the juice or blended them into there rums and vodkas.

Dragon fruit or Hylocereus can be eaten raw out of hand, made into refreshing drinks, or used in jams, salads, pies and smoothies. Dragon fruit or Hylocereus grown from plants or cuttings supplied by also can produce a very fine wine.

Do you like Red or White wine?
You can use the white varieties too for wine making just not as rich in color. Below is full directions for making Red Dragon Fruit. Most of Red Dragon Fruits have a high juice content so even though White Dragon Fruits are larger in most varieties the amount of fruits used should be almost the same. Even the Magentas, Pinks and yellow or (Selenicereus Magalanthus) can be used as it has white flesh also.

Ingredients needed for Red Dragon Fruit Wine, (Red Variety Hylocereus);

6 lbs ripe red fleshed Dragon fruit

2 lb sugar

6 pts water

1 crushed Campden tablet

Note; Campden tablets can be purchased bulk from most winemaker suppliers under its chemical name, potassium metabisulfite. For sanitizing bottles, primaries, secondaries, funnels and other equipment. Also see Potassium Metabisulfite and Sodium Metabisulfite.

1-1/2 tsp acid blend

1 tsp pectic enzyme

1 tsp yeast nutrient

1 pkt wine yeast


First wash and chop the dragon fruits with their outer skin intact or peeled to the red pulp and then chopped. Chopping the whole fruit gives the resulting wine a bit more of a tint.

Put water on to boil. Meanwhile, carefully trim the excess stems/or remove skin from the fruit, wash the Dragon fruit well, and chop it coarsely. Put chopped Dragon fruit, sugar and yeast nutrient into primary. When water boils, pour into primary and stir until sugar dissolves. Cover with a sanitized cloth and set aside to cool. When at room temperature, add crushed Campden tablet and stir. Recover primary and set aside for 12 hours. Add pectic enzyme, stir, recover primary, and set aside another 12 hours. Add activated yeast. Stir daily for 7 days. Strain through nylon straining bag and squeeze Dragon Fruit juice out of the Dragon Fruit pulp. Transfer liquid to secondary, top up if required and fit airlock. Rack, top up and refit airlock every 30 days until wine clears and no new sediments form during a 30-day period. Stabilize, sweeten to taste, wait 10 days, and rack into bottles. Like most wines, it should improve with age.

Dragon Fruit wine in commercial production is still in the infancy stage, but its catching on as a new trend fast. Theres a few Dragon Fruit Wine producers now, but there almost all in asia and commercial production within the U.S. has a few start ups but there not on the market yet. Heres one producers two main Dragon wine products from Malaysia.

The wines above are sold as Kluang Classic, Kluang Vintage and Kluang Special Reserve.

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