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How to make Dragon Fruit Beer

How To Make Your Own Dragon Fruit Beer

dragon fruit for beer pagedragon fruit for beer page
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Making your own Dragon Fruit Beer is not hard to do, getting just the right flavor in the beer though does take a little practice. Often you are pleasantly surprised with some batches. If you have never made your own home brewed beer before this page gives you the basic information needed to get you started home brewing right away.

Below are recipes for several Dragon Fruit Beers and links to Dragon fruit cuttings and plants to grow your own fruit source too. Theres also links to sources for beer making supplies, equiptment, forums and home brewer clubs. To understand the basics of brewing beer theres even a video below that shows you step by step the basics of home beer brewing.

Dragon fruit Wheat Ale

white fleshed dragon fruit
7 LB. Munton's plain wheat DME

1-1/2 oz. Tettnang hops

1/2 oz. East Kent Golding hops

3 ripe white Dragon Fruits, flesh only and puree

1/2 teaspoon Irish Moss

Wyeast #1338 European Ale yeast

Bring water and extract mixture to a boil. Add Irish Moss to boil. Add Tettnang hops for a minimum 45 minute boil. Five minutes from end of boil, add Golding pellets. After boil, strain hops and cool to 70 degrees. You can add the Dragon Fruit puree now or when you rack beer into secondary fermenter. Add your yeast when wort is 70 degrees. After three days of strong fermentation, rack your beer to a secondary fermenter and add the puree if you have not already. Ferment for 7 to 10 days and bottle.

Red Dragon Fruit Beer

red jiana dragon fruit icon
3 1/3 lb Amber plain malt

2 lb M&F amber dme

1 lb Crustal malt -- crushed

2 oz Northern brewer hops for Boiling

1 oz Fuggles hops for Finishing

4 lb Red Dragon Fruit

1 pk EDME ale yeast

4 oz Priming suger

Put crushed grains in muslin bag & place in 1 gal of cold water. Bring to boil, remove grains. Remove pot from heat and add syrup & DME. Stir until dissolved. Return pot to heat & add 2 oz northern brewer hops. Boil for 30-45 minutes. Add the figgles hops for the last 5 min of boil. Add fruit to wort when the boiling is finished. Do not boil the fruit. Steep for 1/2 hour and add 4 gal of cold water. You can leave the fruit in the wort thru thr primary stage. The longer you leave it in, the stronger the fruit flavor will be. When cooled to below 80 degrees, pitch yeast.

Home Brewing Basics Video

Not interested in the hassle of making your own Dragon Fruit beer?

Well your in luck! As Dragon Fruit has gained in popularity large commercial brewers such as Michelob now has a Dragon Fruit beer named 'Ultra Dragon Fruit Peach'. According to Michelob each bottle of 'Ultra Dragon Fruit Peach' is 95 calories and 4% ABV, on par with other fruit-flavored offerings in the Ultra family. The beer uses Dragon fruit (also known as Pitayas) and peaches for flavoring.

dragon fruit ultra beer mattslandscape.comdragon fruit whole 1michelob ultra dragon fruit peachdragon fruit whole 1dragon fruit ultra beer

In Germany the origonal CAB which is beer with cola and Dragon Fruit is very popular with the club scene.Heres a link to the CAB website. CAB with cola and dragon fruit is just one of the flavors. CAB has recently introduced cherry beer with Dragon Fruit and even banana beer with Dragon Fruit. See CAB's line up below; Left to Right pictured are Banana beer and Dragon Fruit, Cola beer and Dragon Fruit, Cherry beer and Dragon Fruit flavors.

cab banana dragon fruit 1cab dragon fruit drinkcab cherry dragon fruit
Cab dragon fruit drink website. Click here to visit CAB in Germany

More Home brewing Recipes
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Beer Making supplies and equiptment

beer making supplies starter kithome brew hops  mattslandscape.comhome brew pots and bottles

Beer Making Links to forums and home brew clubs

beer clubs

Custom Home Brewing Accesories, Mugs, Towels, Taps and more!

beer Tap handle 1 mattslandscapebeer Tap handle 2 mattslandscapebeer Tap handle 3 mattslandscape

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More Dragon Fruit Links

With so many varieties and more added every day heres an easy to use search box for your convienance to find varieties on the website.

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