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The New Cactus Lexicon

The New Cactus Lexicon
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THE NEW CACTUS LEXICON-(2 Volume Set) By Author David Hunt,Published in 2006, this two-volume work ('NCL' for short) is the first ...(
full description below

This book is temporarily out of stock waiting for more to be received from the author/publisher



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Full Description: THE NEW CACTUS LEXICON-(2 Volume Set) By Author David Hunt,Published in 2006, this two-volume work ('NCL' for short) is the first scientifically authoritative conspectus of the Cactaceae since Britton & Rose's famous monograph nearly a century ago and the benchmark reference for everyone with an interest in the diversity, identification and conservation of cacti.

The 'Text' volume is a concise compendium of information on cactus genera, species and subspecies accepted in the standard literature on cacti, including references to places of publication, principal synonyms, geographical distribution, diagnostic features and brief commentary, The companion 'Atlas' volume (not available separately) contains more than 2500 colour illustrations of nearly all currently recognized species and subspecies, mostly of plants in habitat or from documented plants in cultivation.

The work is the latest and most comprehensive overview of the cactus family resulting from the collaboration of professional and amateur enthusiasts led by David Hunt, initially as compiler and ultimately as publisher, with editorial assistance from Nigel Taylor and Graham Charles, and the support of more than 130 contributors of illustrations, text and comments, many of them members of the International Cactaceae Systematics Group, an informal group founded in Zurich in 2000 to supersede the former Cactaceae Working Party of the International Organization for Succulent Plant Study (IOS) founded in 1984.

Limited stocks of the first edition remain (for prices see below). A supplementary volume, in preparation, will include updated accounts of several genera, taking into account new discoveries and molecular evidence, plus expanded geographical data and distribution maps, color illustrations.Hardcover with 899 pages, 526 pages of illustrations this 2 set volume is a stunning visual masterpiece,and the most comprehensive pictorial record of cacti ever published, English version.

NOTE:This book is huge and an excellent resource for anyone wanting to name there cactus plants it invaluable. But its also very heavy over 20 lbs. so shipping is pre-calculated for the US but we can ship to most countries outside the US but additional shipping maybe required at cost only-via USPS.COM international priority rates.

Temporarily out of stock so please note any orders received will be delayed until our next shipment arrives from the publisher on 9/25/10 and shipped right after this date. The book is now out of print so after 10/30/10 it maybe out of stock again permanately unfortunately.
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