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Rhipsalis baccifera

Rhipsalis baccifera

Rhipsalis baccifera
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Species RHIPSALIS BACCIFERA- Commonly called 'Mistletoe Cactus' Rhipsalis Baccifera, or 'Mistletoe Cactus', is an epiphytic cactus ...(
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Full Description: Species RHIPSALIS BACCIFERA- Commonly called 'Mistletoe Cactus' Rhipsalis Baccifera, or 'Mistletoe Cactus', is an epiphytic cactus native of Central and South America from Brazil and Peru to Mexico, but can be found also in Florida,Sri Lanka and the rainforrests of Africa too.Its worldwide spread is most likely thought to be from birds digesting the small seed pods and depositing them in various locations as its found worldwide where conditions are favorable. The narrow cylindrical pale green pendent stems are 5 mm in diameter and in nature can reach up to 30 feet (9 m) in length. Areoles are bristly when young, but otherwise the stems are very smooth. They are easy to grow and does best in hanging baskets due to its pendant growth. Rhipsalis baccifera blooms sporadically all season long, with the best flushes in mid spring and again in late summer. The very small yellow/greenish-silvery white flowers are 1/4 inch (6 mm) across. The flowers are followed by small white fruits that resemble the fruit of Mistletoe. MORE INFO.- R. baccifera (J. Mill.) Stearn. 1771. Throughout most of Latin America, as well as tropical Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka. Stems cylindrical, thin. Flowers whitish. Fruits white, rarely reddish. The most widespread of all cacti; migrating birds probably carried the seeds to Africa and Asia. It has recently been divided into the following subspecies (a rank between species and variety). subsp. baccifera (R. minutiflora, R. cassytha, R. cassuthopsis, R. fasciculata, R. heptagona, R. simmleri, R.. "quellebambensis" [invalid name]). Tropical America. Stems diffuse, fruits white. subsp. erythrocarpa (Schum.) Barthl. (R. erythrocarpa). 1895. East Africa. Fruits red at first, later fading. subsp. hileiabaiana Taylor & Barthl. 1995. Brazil. Stems densely branched. subsp. horrida (Baker) Barthl. 1884. ("R. saxicola" [invalid name]). Madagascar. Stems usually short and densely bristly when young, sometimes with longer hairless stems. subsp. mauritiana (De Candolle) Barthl. (R. cassytha mauritiana). 1828. Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka. Differs from New World subspecies in minute epidermal characters and in its generally larger fruits. subsp. shaferi (Britt. & Rose) Barthl. & Taylor. 1923. (R. shaferi). Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina. Differs from subsp. baccifera in its shorter, 4-5 mm-thick, stiffer stem-segments.
Offered as unrooted cuttings, roots very easy-same care as Epiphyllum.
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