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Trichocereus hybrid 'Flamenco'

Trichocereus hybrid 'Flamenco'

Trichocereus hybrid 'Flamenco'
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Trichocereus hybrid 'Flamenco' has a 8" diameter bloom with purplish-pink inner petals with a darker purple throat, long ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: 8 inch + diameter

Availability:In Stock

Small Plant Or Offset


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Full Description: Trichocereus hybrid 'Flamenco' has a 8" diameter bloom with purplish-pink inner petals with a darker purple throat, long pointed petals. Next row purplish pink, more narrow and longer pointed petals with some light orange to tan colored streaking. Next row same but a bit more light orange to tan mid rib and purplish to copper tips, back petals are more narrow, re curving with some light orange to tan near base but remainder shinny bronze-copper colored. light pink to purple stamens, cream colored anthers and stigma, throat is chartreuse colored, semi-funnel form. A cross of Tricho.'Theleflora' X 'Gräser's Überraschung'-(Meaning; 'Gräser's Surprise'). Hybridized by Klaus Rippe of Spain who formally resided in Germany.

Notes : There is also an Echinopsis hybrid named "Flamenco" so too not confuse this Trichocereus hybrid with that one; the Echinopsis hybrid "Flamenco" has a much smaller compact growth form averaging at maturity approx. 1'ft. max height by 5 to 6" inches in diameter, semi-globular in growth form, 5" inches on average diameter bloom in a neon pink with orange and some apricot near throat and it was hybridized by Andreas Wessner of Germany.

The stem growth of this hybrid by Klaus Rippe is also unmistakable with tall columnar type growth averaging 4" to 5"+ inches in diameter and hits blooming maturity at 18" to 2'ft. but could eventually grow 3' to 4'+ feet tall. The ribs are also bumpy similar to the species Trichocereus thelegonus and it also has very short spines, which Tricho. hybrid 'Theleflora' is a resulting hybrid of T.thelegonus and then used as the cross for 'Flamenco', inheriting those similar growth traits.

When first open this hybrid displays a more pronounced light orange to tan mid rib but then quickly it fades away and changes to a purplish-pink color and petals near base of throat change to a dark purple. Can be darker purple depending on care; light and fertilizer given. A large bloom, clean growth too!

Offered as : a small plant or offset to all mail order locations, larger rooted plants are available for mail order or pick up U.S. only, to pick up or order click the link below to the walk in nursery.

( Below is Trichocereus cv 'Flamenco' in bloom; front, side, in natural light etc. and stem growth examples including apex ).

Tr Flamenco 3

Tr Flamenco 4

Tr Flamenco 5
Tr Flamenco 6

Tr Flamenco 7

Tr Flamenco 9

Tr Flamenco 9

Tr Flamenco 10

Tr Flamenco 11

Established 5 gallon rooted plant(s) up to larger specimen multi-plant(s) may also be available for shipping within the U.S. only or for pick-up as most are very large, so sorry but no international shipping of large plants.

Simply click the link below for info. about our walk-in nursery website, or to check availability and place an order with one of our friendly sales reps. today !

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