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A Random Assortment Of 5 Seed Pods

A Random Assortment Of  5 Seed Pods

A Random Assortment Of  5 Seed Pods
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This is for 5 random Epiphyllum ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: random

Registration Number: 07096

Availability:In Stock

Seed Pods


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Full Description:

This is for 5 random Epiphyllum seed pods. All are unmarked and could be anything. Many were made by nature (Bees-bugs etc.) and not crosses originated by anyone at the nursery. We literally have 1000s-wheelbarrows full from late August to Dec. They have limited viability after mid NOV-DEC. and begin rotting if not harvested, we begin removing all in Oct. aisle by aisle to harvest crosses we may have made and conplete throwing any remaining away each season by the 3rd week of December.

For each single purchase you will receive 5 random Epiphyllum seed pods, so if you order 2 you will get 10 total seed pods. These are random crosses and are not noted, but harvest dates are noted/written on each package of 5 for viability of germination.

Most average about the size of a Kiwi fruit (2" x 3"-average 50-100 seed count.) some or a few are as small as a U.S. dime coin (3/4" x 3/4"-average 10-30 seed ct.). A few are very large and are simular in size to an avacado fruit (3" x 4"-average 100 to 200 seed ct.). Regardless of the pod/fruit size almost all individual seeds are the same size 1/16" of an inch and are black in color. The pulp inside often is pink but could be red, magenta or white in color. All are edible-most are actually very sweet and tasty.

NOTE; This offer begins in September and is no longer available after December 22nd of each season.

If you dont have many large mature plants yet and like to gamble here is a chance to try out growing Epiphyllum from seed.

What you may get is anyones guess; could be a small bloom or an XL bloom, red,pink, purple, yellow or multi-colored who knows could be fragrant or maybe not??? Growth could end up being flat or 3-angled or both???

The seed pods are shipped to you whole, if you want to learn how to harvest the seeds and methods of growing them click the link below to be directed to our hybridizing info. page.

PLEASE NOTE; We recommend you harvest the seeds inside the fruit/pods as soon as you receive them. The seeds once havested can be viable for up to a year if kept in a cool dry location but the pecentage that will remain viable-(that will germinate) is greatly reduced one month out or longer after harvesting.
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