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Cactus Mall

Review on epiphyllum hybrids for sale

Here you can shop for Epiphyllum or (Epis for short), Hylocereus Aka- Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya, Echinopsis, Trichocereus, Aporophyllums, Schlumbergera, Rhipsalidopsis Aka Hatiora, Chamaecereus, Hildewintera Rhipsalis and many other Cactus species and cultivars too! From one of the friendliest growers on the planet! We add new varieties daily!

Currently on this website there are over 3,000 varieties, but we grow 20,000+ varieties now of Cactus and Succulents in many Genera. YOU CANNOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE, WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING SEVERAL WEBSITES WERE YOU CAN BUY BY BUTTON THE EXACT PLANT YOU WILL RECEIVE AND WHAT WE CURRENTLY HAVE IN STOCK AND PERFECT CONDITION MANY SPECIMEN SIZE OR MATURE FLOWERING SIZE. This site is still a reference and library primarily for worldwide non-U.S. customers.

For U.S. customers We are working as fast as we can to develop multiple genera specific or grouped websites for you, all are U.S. customers only-rooted small to specimen sized plants, some are listed below with current progress. To place a phone or email order please contact us thru our walk in nursery site below.

Epicacti Nursery

For specimen and rare hard to Find Echinopsis and Trichocereus please visit our new site for actual plants pictured you will receive. This site currently has several hundred choices and growing.....

This website below is still under beginning stages of development fruiting cactus mainly Dragon Fruit specimen sized plants.

This website below is multiple generas of columnar cactus along such as Pachycereus, Pilosocereus, Carnegia etc. with a few columnar succulents such as Euphorbias. A few up to "Buy Now" but still loading this site so grows each day....

This site below besides information not anything to "Buy Now" yet but we are working on it to bring you blooming sized Hildewintera hybrids and related species...

More websites coming soon for Epiphyllum and related jungle cacti, Agaves, Aloes and Aeoniums and place an order please call us or email thru our walk in website Epicacti Nursery

By separating into multi-websites genera or related we are able to offer you the best plants we currently have available as we can only work a few areas at a time, many are rare and limited and almost all are well rooted or specimen blooming sized.

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Click here to learn how to get FREE SHIPPING on cutting orders over $100 within the lower 48 continental United States!

How do i find the variety i'm looking for?

On the ←left margin of every web page the different plant genera are listed in alphabetical order in the online catalog.

Currently we offer over 2,510 varieties to chose from, up from 2,415 of the last update, the largest worldwide. We offer the largest online selection of Epiphyllum hybrids and hundreds more of other plant varieties. With over 20,000 Epiphyllum varieties in existence and 10,000s more in Echinopsis, Dragon fruit and Schlumbergera no one grows them all, but we do regularly add new varieties almost weekly, so please check back often for the variety you may be looking for.

Still cannot find the variety your looking for?
Try our search engine...
With so many varieties that we grow and offer and with even more added every week some varieties can still be hard to find on the website, so here is an easy to use search engine for your convenience to find the varieties your looking for on the website.

Search the entire Mattslandscape website now

Below is one of many picture galleries you will find on the website, this one is displaying a small sampling of what's in bloom weekly at the nursery.
( All our bloom images are free to use only if displayed full size & the watermarks on our pictures must be fully visible.)
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<a href=" "style="color: #006600 ">Epicacti Nursery</a>

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The link below will take you to the EpiTV channel at where you can see several more 'How To Videos ', Bloom pictures/video most with pleasant background music, garden tours, flower shows, Epicon conferences, various other garden events and a lot more!!! Subscribe to EpiTV for free and be the first notified of our new video releases!!!

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Main Growing Pages Navigation links

The website now has almost 50 growing pages and 2500+ catalog pages. The main links to Growing pages below may each have 1 or up to 10+ or more growing/info. pages linked inside each main page. Those sub-pages may have more linked inside them, from 1 up to 5+ or more pages linked inside of them and so on. All the pages have return links back to this main 'Home Page' or the 'Main Growing Page' inside them, so there's no dead ends, making it easy to navigate threw dozens of informative and interesting growing pages.

All the pages are loaded with picture examples and or bloom photos too, many of those pictures are also linked to there catalog descriptions just click them and there's a link to return you back to the main or sub-growing page you were on previously. In addition our e-mail contact is at or near the bottom of every web-page should you have any questions or just want to contact us.

All links to any outside or affiliated sources should open in a new window-(if not please let us know and we will fix it for you asap), so you will never lose your way by getting left at another website with no return link.

New web pages are also added regularly to add even more info. for your use, links to those are also updated. The website keeps getting larger so finding all the growing pages is getting harder, since there's so many growing pages now many often get overlooked. But if any are missing links or if you have any suggestions please e-mail us anytime we would like to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy your visits at and please come back often, we add new info. pages, updates, new blooms photos and new varieties daily!

Off-site Affiliated Website Links

There are also several more cactus affiliated and non-affiliated Garden links in the links section.

The website linked below offers large specimen sized plants and other plants that are generally too large for mail order shipping. The website linked below does not offer any shipping, so you would have to pick-up the plants there in Southern California or for larger wholesale orders be located within a 60 mile range of the nursery for deliveries.

Click to Visit Epicacti Nursery
( No worries the link above opens in a new window, also there is a link to bring you back to click 'mail order' at the top of the Epicacti Nursery's home page.)

Like an easy way to stay connected to Epicacti websites? Although the website already hosts S.B.E.S. one of four U.S.A. based Epiphyllum societies on this website server you can easily stay connected to all four US based Epiphyllum Societies; S.B.E.S. S.D.E.S., E.S.A. and S.F.E.S. along with European based Epiphyllum societies such as EPIG a German Epiphyllum society + more websites such as Epicacti Forums and Epiforums, Epitv-(videos on YouTube), several bloom picture sharing groups of-Epiphyllum, Schlumbergera, Dragon Fruit, Aporophyllum and Echinopsis bloom groups on Flickr, photo galleries of Epiphyllum blooms including Grey/Davis and the Joyce Carr galleries also get our latest tweets, your local weather, even pick your own radio stations or other add on gadgets such as local news and Tv, have access to a robust Epiphyte cactus optimized search engine, quick links to other epiphyte cacti groups on Yahoo Groups and more in a small and easy to use browser toolbar. The virus free download link is below and the best part is it's absolutely free! An uninstaller is also included if you should ever decide to remove the toolbar, so give it a try! Works on all major web browser platforms too including; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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Check out the gallery page to see more flowers and pictures of our growing area. Click picture at right.

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